Well&&.how does everyone enjoy the newly redesigned site. Please feel free to email my webmaster and tell him what a great job he is doing and if you have any suggestions as well. I am here to please you&.hehe!!

So I rang in the New Year at the mansion and had Valentines day there as well. You can see all those pictures and more behind the scenes from the mansion parties and Spa day Sundays in my new scrapbook section. I have other models there as well. There are many new things through out my site as well&&.just browse around and ENJOY!!!

Wanted to make a quick note to all those who have supported me in the past and mainly those who kept voting for me to go to this Maui trip. Well, as you all know by now it was a complete fraud and I along with the other models are really embarrassed and sorry. Sorry to all this people who where suppose to go with is to help cheer us on. I have surprises in the mail for ya though!!!

Ok. March 1st is the release party for Playboys "Girls of the hard Rock" video I did with Playboy model Amy Miller. I got a sneak peek at it and &&&&&&&&&&..OH MY!!!!!! That is all I can say. This was my first girl-girl video and now only did I have fun making it but it looks like we had fun making it&&hehe. They got some&well&lets say some pretty interesting shots and close-ups. The best scene is probably our shower scene!!!! This will be available on my souvenir page very soon. VHS and DVD and I will personally autograph it to you!

I will be in Vegas for the release party March 1, 2001 with Amy Miller and other Playmates and Playboy models. I will take as many pictures as I can and put them in my members area scrapbook for yall. So keep an eye out. Hef will be there as well with his girlfriends to help release the video and introduce the women in it!!!

The construction calendar I did will be out in 2002. There is a My Little Dream Girl Calendar that is out now for 2001. I will have new pictures in my souvenirs section very soon

I have been very busy giving more to my site. I am adding something where YOU CAN TALK TO ME ON THE PHONE!!!! Just click on the button that says "talk to me now" and we can actually talk on the phone together!!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Please join my fan club. We have so much fun there as well. http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/roxannegallaofficialfanclub