It all started when I was born back in Texas. I was my parents first child. The entire time of my mother's pregnancy I was thought to be a boy. They had only boy names picked out, but upon the 9th day of November, 1975 I proved them wrong, and have been ever since. They had to come up with a girls name fast and chose "Roxanne"; meaning "Dawn of Day." That name does not resemble me at all considering I avoid getting up even close to dawn. They decided that it was not worth coming up with a middle name too, thus I have no middle name, thank goodness. Have you heard of some of those horrifying middle names out there? Anyway, I grew up being the only child. I was involved in tap and ballet but I also climbed trees and chased frogs. I have always been that girly girl with a tom-boyish side.
While attending high school, I continued to model. I attended a rich senior high school with a million ways to get a keg under age. I had the typical high school life. I was the cheerleader dating the jealous football player for all four years (see guys, I would still be with him if he would not have been such a possessive jerk). I actually did not do any sports except cheerleading my senior year. But, I did take Italian for four years!!! During high school, I worked 2 jobs - a bank teller and as a Guest Relations representative at Water World. I had terrific high school years with ALL the friends we had and the parties we went to -- boy if those stories ever leaked out. My senior year the student body voted me "Most Beautiful". I also did a commercial for the AstroWorld ride called "Batman the Escape" which aired about every 5 minutes. I think it was a combination of the two that started to boost my confidence. I was always outgoing and told by many that I was beautiful, but had such a low self esteem. I seemed to have a parents who were -- let's just say... not supportive with my modeling career and an ass of a boyfriend who told me I would never be able to find anyone else. I think if it had not been for my friends and my stubborn personality (I'm a Scorpio), I would have collapsed and gave up years ago.

After high school, I attended the local community college until I knew it was time to grow up. My gracious non-immediate family offered to help me out financially and moved me to Austin, TX to go to school and learn to be on my own. (Oh, how thankful I am!!!!) It was here in Austin that my life begin to change drastically. I moved in with my cousin who taught me how to cook, well, I soon figured out that that was not my talent -- sorry guys. I attended the Austin Community College and continued to work at a bank, where I was now an assistant head teller (yippee). What a responsibility for a 20 year old! I enjoyed my freedom, but had no time to play. I got to watch my roommate party almost every night while I studied and then woke up at 5:00 AM to go to work. This wore me down fast. So, after about 2 years of this, I said enough and concentrated on my modeling career and school. I figured I could make more money this way and be able to stay in what I found to be such a fascinating place, Austin. If you have never been here, then you're really missing out. While attending a State University where I am currently working on a degree in Interior Design with a minor in Art, I became a member of the 1998 Texas Bikini Team.

This allowed me to travel the U.S. and meet people like the Chippendale dancers and Jose Solano from Baywatch. I went on to win first place and a '77 vette in the 1999 Texas Bikini Team state finals and became co-captain as well. This definitely kept me busy. I met photographers who got me started up again and introduced me to clients for jobs. I began traveling the world to do modeling shoots in Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama...not to mention Chicago for a test shoot for Playboy Playmate 2000. It was a no go, but I am still trying. I also met another great photographer who shot me for his classy magazine called Mystique. Then, he introduced me to a photographer who is responsible for the photography and web design for Lisa Boyle's site. Lisa Boyle invited me to be the model of the month on her site. That was when I decided to put my own site up!!!

So, hopefully, with all of y'alls support, I can further my career in modeling and bring sexy photos to your hard drives!!!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Roxanne Galla

(Remember: Beauty fades; Dumb is forever)

- Judge Judy